“Port Manana,” veikals sērfotājiem

“Port Manana,” veikals sērfotājiem

Port Manana is a sporting goods and clothing store in Riga. It offers a wide choice of the most popular surfer brands – both apparel, as well as specific sports equipment. The interior aims to distract the attention from the product diversity. We tried to create a feeling that all items in the store are related to each other. To achieve this, the main dimensions, including the walls and the ceiling, were colored in bright tones. Metal construction on the walls functions as a design element and at the same time gives the space a well-organized look. A checkered pattern is used in the whole concept of Port Manana interior. The facade of the building is lightened up in two horizontal levels, visually creating associations with the sea, the central spot for surfers. The first level is as blue as water, and the second – as orange as the sun.

  • projekta veids: veikals
  • interjera arhitekte: Anna Bates
  • projekta vadītājs: Ansis Kempelis
  • fotogrāfs: Aleksejs Belokopitovs
  • gads: 2009
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