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WigiWu furniture set for children’s room

WigiWu furniture set for children’s room

Children’s furniture line WigiWu is a modular furniture system, which consists of several elements – a cabinet, desk, chest of drawers, bed, bedside table and a shelf system. The shelf system is available in four versions – with a closed or open rear part, with shelves inside or with doors that cover the shelf entirely. The shelf system is multifunctional. It can be formed as four different sets of blocks that can be placed above each other, with a 50% offset, creating an overhang. The shelves can be placed in various depths and used as a partition for dividing up space. A characteristic trait for the series is the rounded shape and harmonious geometry as a reference to the witty ‘60s. The furniture is easy to combine and creates a uniformed set of elements. Each piece of the furniture has a decorative perforated finish, creating a visual accent in the form of a colorful mosaic. A laminate was used in the production, as it is an effective material both for function and cost. The project was created as a part of the TV show “Majokla Jautajums” (Housing Issue) in cooperation with the interior product store “RIPO.”

  • project type: furniture
  • product design: anna butele
  • 3D artist: Olga Ponomarjova
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