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Holiday home in the Sun Valley

Holiday home in the Sun Valley


Saulkrasti is a town located on the seacoast of the Gulf of Riga. In the 1960s, plots of land were dedicated to town development. As a result, high-density horticultural cooperatives with cottages and a relatively small backyard area were established. The house in the Sun Valley is a typical white-brick building of the ‘60s, built as a summer house. In the rebuilding process, the original proportions were preserved, yet changing the facade of the house significantly. The finish was inspired by the environment and the colorful architecture that surrounds the building. We incorporated this into the facade of the building, designing it as a collage that consists of a variety of textures.Metal is the main element in the finish, used for the roof, as well as the facade. Since there is no roof overhang, all dimensions of the house have been merged into a single whole. The glass facade of the building facing the courtyard breaks the boundary between the indoors and outdoors. The terrace creates an illusion that it is a continuation of the facade. The concept of a single entity or in other words the house as a whole continues indoors. Gable roof with an open ceiling sets the character of the room. The area of 71 m2 is designed as a large open space, divided into separate parts by furniture. There is an orangery in the backyard that functions as a place for peace and tranquility.

  • project type: architecture
  • area: 71
  • project mentor: Anna Butele
  • architect: Berta Lerhe
  • year: 2017
  • status: ongoing
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