“Olive” kvartāls

“Olive” kvartāls

Annvil/Cobalt is working on the architectural concept for a new residential complex in the northern part of Baku in Azerbaijan. In a total area of 4.5 ha will be located several blocks of residential buildings with private space in the courtyards and a semi-private space between them. Public facilities will be placed on the central axis of the district. Historically, in the area has been located temporary buildings, that have been under construction for the long-term. Currently, temporary buildings are demolished and in the foreground comes out a terrain where several dozen fruit trees have been preserved. In honor of the orchard, the new quarter is planned to be called Olive Quarter.

  • projekta veids: dzīvojamo ēku kompleks
  • platība: 4.5 ha
  • arhitektūra: COBALT/ANNVIL
  • sadarbībā ar: Gary Bates (SPACEGROUP)
  • komanda: Kārlis Saltups, Guntis Ziņģis, Ardit Elezi, Leyla Akimova, Togrul Bayramov, Gunay Mammadova, Fakhraddin Verdiyev, Aygun Budaq, Muslum Imranli, Leyla Musayeva, Farid Abdulov
  • gads: 2018
  • pasūtītājs: COBALT
  • statuss: koncepts
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