We are storytellers 

Stories are all around us. And each one of them is unique. Ours is the story of interior architecture  


Storytelling is one of our know-hows. We tell the story, whose main character is the interior architectural project. The content of the story develops from the interaction between time, place, and space, as well as the business model, project settings, the environment and the client’s personality. We structure the interior concept based on two important questions: What is the essence of the project? Why exactly is the character of the main hero like that? The answers serve as a meaningful basis for further project development. The project obtains its own identity, encrypting an important message. Thus, we create interior architecture where nothing is coincidental.Storytelling plays an important part in the public sector, as it serves as an emotional bridge between the target audience and the project. In the public sector projects, the storytelling reveals the personality and values of our client. After all, interior architecture is a story about a human being. About a personality.

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